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A billion bits or bust

22 May 2007

Goldberg, D. E., Sastry, K. (2007). NCSA private sector program annual meeting. See related blog post here and here.

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Fast and accurate reaction dynamics via multiobjective genetic algorithm optimization of semiempirical potentials

10 April 2007

Sastry, K., Thompson, A. L. (2006). External Advisory Board Meeting, Materials Computation Center. Download presentation slides.

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Efficiency enhancement of estimation of distribution algorithms

29 July 2006

Sastry, K. (2006). Presentation at MEDAL gathering on evolutionary computation. Download presentation slides.

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Presentations of conference papers

28 November 2005

Presentations slides for most of my conference papers can be found here and here.

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Principled efficiency enhancement techniques

24 November 2005

Sastry, K. (2005). Tutorial at the 2005 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference. Download tutorial slides.


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