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1000 films to watch before you die

15 July 2007

Found this guardian article via Here is my breakdown (yes working on your thesis makes you spend time on such silly things), and I was surprised to see that I’ve only watched 301 out of the 1000 movies, but frankly most of them don’t seem to be any good. For example, Ace ventura is one of the 1000 movies!

A: 13 out of 54 B: 24 out of 95 C: 15 out of 61 D: 20 out of 64
E: 8 out of 25 F: 11 out of 36 G: 18 out of 47 H: 5 out of 45
I: 8 out of 30 J: 6 out of 14 K: 7 out of 22 L: 16 out of 50
M: 27 out of 71 N: 4 out of 24 O: 11 out of 28 P: 19 out of 46
Q: 1 out of 2 R: 16 out of 42 S: 32 out of 101 T: 24 out of 67
U: 3 out of 9 V: 1 out of 12 W: 7 out of 35 X: 1 out of 2
Y: 2 out of 8 Z: 2 out of 6    

Update: The sum doesn’t add up to 1000, I am missing 4 movies somewhere.

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Flickr slideshow plugin for wordpress (μ)

1 July 2007

Since “object” and “iframe” are stripped out of wordpress-? for security reasons, I could no longer embed flickr slideshows using either iframe or object. Therefore, I was looking for someway to embed my photo collection at flickr, but the plugins I found didn’t exactly do what I needed. Therefore, I modified the slideshare plugin to embed flickr slideshows.

  1. Download the plugin (.zip) here (uses object tag). Note that object tag has some problems with ie7. Since iframe seems to work better on both firefox and ie, download the plugin (.zip) here (uses iframe tag; recommended, see below).
  2. Unzip/install the plugin in your wp-content/plugins directory
  3. Activate the plugin within wordpress.
  4. Usage:Once activated you can embed slideshows in your blog post as follows:
    [flickr user_id set_id]

Please feel free to modify the plugin to include tags, and other parameters of flickr slideshow. If you do modify the plugin, I would really appreciate if you would inform me of the updates (so that I can use the updated plugin).

In case you are curious, I tried the following two plugins:

Update: It seems that the object tag gives problem with internet explorer (ie7). Here is a work around plugin that uses iframe instead of object. Thanks gifted typist!

See the plugin in action here:


Ultra-mobile PC: Rounding up the usual suspects

31 May 2007

I am down to considering the following four UMPCs. Right now I am leaning towards Samsung Q1 ultra which has decent battery life, decent processor (Staley A100), and large-enough harddisk. I was initially excited about Fujitsu, but the 20 GB harddisk is a real drawback.

Fujitsu FMV-U8240

Asus R2H

Samsung Q1 Ultra

OQO Model 02

2 Comments » A national preserve of documentary films about American roots cultures

26 May 2007

Heard about the site from npr, which contains lot of interesting documentary films about American folk or roots culture. More about can be found here. The following are some blues-related videos:


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Fujitsu ultra-mobile PCs

16 May 2007

Its time to replace my 3 year old Fujitsu P5020 and I’ve been looking for something interesting. Fujitsu just announced new ‘U series’ of tablet-convertible ultra mobile PCs. They are scheduled to be released in Japan in mid June-July and cost about $1200. Hopefully these will be available in US soon. Most important along with small form factor and low weight is the battery life which is rated at 8 hours!

Weighing only 580g, with a thickneess of 26.5mm, and with a 5.6″ widescreen LCD in a small, light body, new ultra-mobile PCs offer advanced mobility and style for business users, […] Its ultra-compact size makes it easy to carry around at all times, and with a maximum battery life of up to 8 hours(3), users can catch up on e-mail, process documents, and do research whenever they need to, without being tied to a desk. The 5.6″ widescreen display and keyboard with a 14-mm key pitch and 1.3mm keystroke ensure user-friendliness. Moreover, since it can be used as a handheld tablet PC, users can edit simple documents or perform other tasks on the go, thereby improving productivity when outside the office.

Powered by ScribeFire.

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Blogging Chicago blues

2 May 2007

Check out Today’s Chicago Blues for more on current Chicago blues scene.

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Chicago blues festival

2 May 2007

The schedule for Chicago Blues Festival (June 7-10, 2007) is available here (Click here for PDF of the schedule). Here are some of the highlights:

Thursday, June 7

Friday, June 8

Saturday, June 9

Sunday, June 10

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Formula for successful innovation

11 April 2007

Dr. Tom Osborn of Proctor & Gamble gave a very interesting talk on “Views on Successful Innovation & Innovators” and he gave a formula for successful serial innovation:

C\cdot\left(4Ps – 3Fs + 2Rs\right)

where, the C is effective communication, 4Ps are problem selection, working principles, passion, and persistence, 3Fs are managing fears, frustrations, and failure, and 2Rs are relationships (mentor/mentee, value colleagues/develop networks, value family) and knowing unwritten rules.

The talk was a part of the course, GE 498MTV, Creative Modeling for Technology Visionaries. Here is a Here related post at ETSI website:

Dr. Osborn is one of select group of Victor Mills Research Fellows at P&G. His inventions have helped generate sales in excess of $1.5 billion dollars/years, he is holder of 122 US patents, and his work has spanned many technologies and disciplines.

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LaTeX math plugin for wordpress

10 April 2007

X told me about this great plugin for writing LaTeX formulas in wordpress blog posts. Download the plugin here.

Note: To get the plugin to work unzip the file into your wp-content/plugins directory and edit wp-latex.php using your favorite editor. Replace “” on line 21 with “” (without quotes). Save the change and activate the plugin.

Now, I can write equations like the following in my posts by typing $latex
n \propto {\sigma_{bb}\over d} \cdot \chi^k \cdot m\log m $:

n \propto {\sigma_{bb}\over d} \cdot \chi^k \cdot m\log m

In case you are interested the above is an approximate form of a population-sizing model for genetic algorithms.

See related entry here and an FAQ on how to change the size and color of the \LaTeX formula (I wasn’t successful in either changing the size or the color).

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Yahoo! pipes for RSS mashup

9 April 2007

Xavier LlorĂ  sent an IM about Yahoo! pipes. Looks like a pretty cool tool (check out the editor) to remix your favorite RSS feeds. An overview of pipes is available here. See a tutorial on how to use pipes here. Other tutorials are available here. One drawback, you need to have a yahoo login to use it.

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