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Flickr slideshow plugin for wordpress (μ)

1 July 2007

Since “object” and “iframe” are stripped out of wordpress-? for security reasons, I could no longer embed flickr slideshows using either iframe or object. Therefore, I was looking for someway to embed my photo collection at flickr, but the plugins I found didn’t exactly do what I needed. Therefore, I modified the slideshare plugin to embed flickr slideshows.

  1. Download the plugin (.zip) here (uses object tag). Note that object tag has some problems with ie7. Since iframe seems to work better on both firefox and ie, download the plugin (.zip) here (uses iframe tag; recommended, see below).
  2. Unzip/install the plugin in your wp-content/plugins directory
  3. Activate the plugin within wordpress.
  4. Usage:Once activated you can embed slideshows in your blog post as follows:
    [flickr user_id set_id]

Please feel free to modify the plugin to include tags, and other parameters of flickr slideshow. If you do modify the plugin, I would really appreciate if you would inform me of the updates (so that I can use the updated plugin).

In case you are curious, I tried the following two plugins:

Update: It seems that the object tag gives problem with internet explorer (ie7). Here is a work around plugin that uses iframe instead of object. Thanks gifted typist!

See the plugin in action here:

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